Authoreon App

Protecting Authenticity & Trust

The Authoreon A-ID enables you to verify, authorize, authenticate or certify
any identity or asset – fast, seamlessly and securely on the Blockchain.

Authoreon & the A-ID

The A-ID is the world’s first machine-readable optical label on the blockchain. It enables numerous applications in Authorization, Authentication, Verification & Certification.

Upcoming dApp Releases

Authoreon is building its own In-App dApp Store.

The Contest is on!

Authoreon enters the [release] stage.
Help to spread the word and get the chance to win great prizes!

Authoreon in Retail

Brand Protection
& Consumer Trust

Authoreons’ A-ID and microscan technology allows Original Product Verification, Authorized Retailer Verification, Identity Verification, Supply Chain & Ownership Chain Tracking – without the need of RFID/NFC chips.

Authoreon in Personal Use

A Self-Managed Identity

The A-ID will enable users to store all their personal data securely on the blockchain while granting selective access to verified and authorized instances only.

The Nanolense

The Authoreon Nanolense is a hardware extension for your mobile phone, that captures microscans to verify the originality of physical items.

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