Authorization, Authentication, Verification & Certification

in a decentralized network

What is Authoreon?

Authorization, Authentication, Verification & Certification
for consumers, corporations, governments & organizations


Authoreon is decentralizing authorization, authentication, verification & certification and thus securing previously unsecure instances and functions.
The Authoreon solutions prevent fraud, cyber attacks, material and immaterial identity theft, and they provide an all-over traceability to supply and ownership chains.


With cyber attacks, password breaches, identity theft and document fraud on the rise, it becomes very obvious that the current online safety measures are not sufficient.
In addition we face increased national security concerns – often in conflict with privacy & data protection regulations, as well as major challenges in IOT security, copyright & intellectual property protection, and reputation management.
Furthermore, increased quality awareness calls for a traceable product identity and history in the supply chain and ownership chain.
The failure to secure data, to verify identity and to grant access only to authorized instances is causing billions of dollars in damage each year, while the most valuable asset at risk is trust.
Authoreon is solving these problems by decentralizing authorization, authentication, verification and certification.


Authoreon is developing the following Smart-Contracts-as-a-Service (SCaaS)

Data Retention

Telecommunications data retention generally refers to the storage of call detail records (CDRs) of telephony and internet traffic and transaction data (IPDRs) by governments and commercial organizations. In the case of government data retention, the data that stored is usually of telephone calls made and received, emails sent and received, and websites visited. Location data is also collected. The primary objective in government data retention is traffic analysis and mass surveillance. The problem is that these practices are often in conflict with privacy laws and regulations, since advocates claim the data retention can prevent e.g. terror attacks, while critics argue that the data is not secure against hacks and breaches and movement profiles could be created. (See also “European Court of Justice rules against mass data retention in EU”).


Authoreon proposes a solution to this dilemma by storing all collected data – immediately and only – in the blockchain and making them accessible only to authorized authorities via our 2²-key-authentication, so an investigator would only get access if authorized by a judge. This way all private data is stored safely, while still accessible to authorities if ordered by court.



Document Fraud

“Document fraud is an important enabler of organized crime and terrorism, clearly. There is a whole subset of criminal activity and a criminal sector that is involved in stealing passports and producing sophisticated passports and supplying them to the criminal market.”


— Europol Director Rob Wainwright


Authoreon is also addressing this use case by enabling the issuing authorities to store document data securely in the blockchain, as well as by providing the corresponding verification tools e.g. to police and border patrol.



Cyber Security

Other forms of cyber crime involve for example ransomware attacks (like the recent Wannacry cryptoworm), homepage hacks (like the recent Coindash Hack) and DDos attacks. The global cost of cybercrime will reach $2 trillion by 2019, a threefold increase from the 2015 estimate of $500 billion.


Authoroen will provide a solution to decentralize the storage of source code and databases – making e.g. homepages, e-commerce businesses, mobile apps, intranets immutable – so that only authorized instances will be able to make changes to the source code or database.



IoT Security

All the devices that are connected to the internet create access points with which hackers can infiltrate a company’s network.


Securing access by authorization in the Internet-of-Things, is another area Authoreon will address.




With more than 3 billion records leaked, it is clear that all existing security measurements are extremely insufficient.


The Authoreon solution replaces the traditional authentication and even the two-factor authentication. We predict that e.g. even large social networks will use our solution to store their users’ data safely in the blockchain.



Identity Theft

The 2017 Identity Fraud Study from Javelin Strategy & Research finds that Identity thieves, who commit financial fraud with stolen account information, hit 15.4 million Americans in 2016 (16% up from 2015) and stole $16 billion dollars, which is a nearly billion dollar year-to-year increase.


Authoreon will provide an immutable digital identity for consumers, as well as the corresponding verification tools for verifying parties. Secured by our Access Lock layer, the Smart-Contracts-as-a-Service will efficiently protect your identity.




“Trade in Counterfeit and Pirated Goods: Mapping the Economic Impact” puts the value of imported fake goods worldwide at USD 461 billion in 2013, compared with total imports in world trade of USD 17.9 trillion. Up to 5% of goods imported into the European Union are fakes. Most originate in middle income or emerging countries, with China the top producer.


Authoreon will provide an immutable digital identity for products, as well as the corresponding verification tools for verifying parties. Secured by our Access Lock layer, the Smart-Contracts-as-a-Service will efficiently protect the originality of consumer products and thus the producing brands and manufacturers itself.



Supply Chain

Companies know where things start and where they end up. But how they get there, and what happens between each checkpoint, is relatively unknown. E.g. Food is an extremely sensitive product. It needs to be carefully handled, it needs to be kept within certain temperatures to ensure quality, and it needs to be tested so that spoiled orders don’t end up at a grocery store deli counter—or served in your Chipotle bowl. The challenge with adhering to all these regulations comes down to the fact that many of the processes that make up a food product’s supply chain are severely outdated. They are done manually, with orders being tracked by warehouse workers.


Authoreon will provide an effective and automated supply chain management solution. Secured by our Access Lock layer, the Smart-Contracts-as-a-Service will efficiently track, monitor and control shipments of products such as food and other quality products.




The accessible product is the Authoreon platform
Beta Preview


The Authoreon solutions platform will be accessible through an easily manageable web application graphic user interface (GUI) that will be optimized for MetaMask but will run on any decentralized browser (e.g. Mist).

Mobile App

All platform functionality will be fully mirrored in a mobile app (for Android, iOS and Windows) to enable key authorization functions, mining and wallet interactions.


The platform will offer a wide range of modules, each addressing a different use case, each running a different Smart-Contract-as-a-Service (SCaaS), each with a different pricing and processing fee.


By mid-2018 plugins and extensions will be available for 3rd party systems.


The platform will also be addressable via 2²-key-protocol-APIs for external developers.


And it will include a marketplace for third-party extensions.


Authoreon is a decentralized network
with two separate overlay protocols:


Authoreon is based on Ethereum, a public, open-source, censorship-resistant and innovative blockchain protocol and distributed computing platform, that provides a decentralized Turing-complete virtual machine (the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)) enabling the execution of smart contracts…more


On top of the blockchain, we developed the synapse protocol, which is an independent application layer inspired by the human brain. It is designed to further the functionality, scalability, and performance of the Authoreon platform by enabling smart authorization contracts.
It also keeps the blockchain light and fast by substituting the stored data – resulting in an increased performance, faster block processing times, as well as the ability to process more transactions in a single block…more

Access Lock

The access lock layer acts as the gate keeper, processing incoming requests to the synapse layer and granting temporary access if the requesting instance is authorized.
For this purpose we developed the 2²-key-algorithm, providing one static key with a dynamic (temporary) key only if the other key is still valid by authorization and vice versa. Access is only granted to two dynamic keys.
This mechanism replaces the traditional two-factor authentication enabling a wide range of potential applications…more


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