Authorization, Authentication, Verification & Certification

The A-ID

The worlds first machine-readable optical label
on the blockchain

The Authoreon A-ID enables you to verify, authorize, authenticate or certify any identity or asset – fast, seamlessly and securely on the Blockchain.


Brand Protection

Authorize your retail and let your customers verify original products against counterfeits by scanning the unique surface structure.


A self-managed Identity

Regain full control over your personal data, grant selective access and enable instant registrations, logins and checkouts.


Art Protection

Protect and verify your original artwork against art forgery by adding a unique-like-a-fingerprint optical-surface-scan.


Secure File Storage

Store sensitive files and documents securely on the blockchain and grant selective access to authorized parties.



Track and trace assets, products and processes through supply and ownership chains. Every step is verifiable on the Blockchain.



Create and verify all sorts of certificates on the blockchain to prevent fakes and forgeries, as well as to provide more information.

The Nanolense

The Authoreon Nanolense is a hardware extension for your mobile phone required to capture and verify micro-scans to verify the originality of products, artworks and documents.

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