Affiliate Program

Join the Authoreon Affiliate Program and earn 10% lifetime commissions!

Join the Authoreon Affiliate Program, refer purchases, paying subscribers and corporate customers and earn 10% lifetime commissions on qualifying sales. Just feature Authoreon hardware and software products, or introduce Authoreon to eligible companies to generate leads, and you’ll get a cut of every sale.

Earn commissions on referred sales of:

  • NanoLenses
  • NanoCams
  • Single dApps
  • dApps Subscriptions
  • Corporate Subscriptions
The Authoreon Affiliate Program pays you for any purchase your referrals make, not just the products you feature. The cookie is valid for 365 days. You will be provided with your referral-ID, text-links and you can track your campaigns to maximize your revenue.
“Offline” referrals such as personal introductions will be added to your affiliate account manually.

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