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Utility Token

Authoreon tokens are used to access certain functionalities of the platform including registering a new asset, transferring an asset, and a variety of other authorization features. The Authoreon Token does not represent or confer any ownership right or stake, share or security or equivalent rights.

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Tokenomics & Business Model


Authoreon is building an innovative ecosystem of services and applications around Authorization, Authentication, Verification and Certification on the Blockchain. At the core of our solution is our native AUN token, that fuels and powers the Authoreon ecosystem. In the sections below, we have outlined the basic design goals of the AUN token – especially its planned gradual transition from a utility token to a security token to provide more value to all involved stakeholders.

Design Goals

The definition of a token economy is based on the design of the token and the rules that govern its utilization between participants within the ecosystem. A thriving token economy revolves around the study of game theory, behavioural economics and mechanism design, and requires an innovative design of incentives to ensure the use of the native token is desirable by the respective ecosystem stakeholders.

When elaborating the AUN token economics, we considered the following key factors:

• Ensure that participants are strongly incentivized to use and hold AUN
• Establish and maintain demand for AUN
• Demonstrate utility within all services and applications
• Lower user acquisition costs through network effects
• Align the value of AUN with the success of Authoreon
• Reduce price volatility
• Introduce AUN as a payment token*
• Provide real value for token holders in the long run as a security token*

Token Classification

*DISCLAIMER: Please note that - at this point in time - the AUN token does not represent an ownership or share in ANY public or private corporation, or other entity in any jurisdiction.

1) Utility token

The AUN token is currently classified as a utility token, which is primarily used in connection with certain products or services on a single platform only. It does not confer any other rights and it appears very similar to a voucher and shall not be subject to any regulatory regime.

2) Payment Token

However, Authoreon is currently in the regulatory process of transforming the AUN utility token into a payment token, which primarily performs a payment function for a larger group of persons (“customers”).

3) Security Token

Once the AUN token is classified as a payment token, we will make sure Authoreon complies with all imperative regulations and thus qualifies to transform the AUN token once more - this time to a security token, which then “confers a right of payment against the issuer” and allows us to share profits among all AUN token holders based on their holdings.


From staking to burning tokens, we considered a plethora of options to provide true value and benefits for all AUN token holders - already at this point in time, but we’re strongly advised against these models for questionable compliance with all imperative regulations. Yet, it is our aim to create the best possible and most beneficial tokenomics & business model for all stakeholders involved.

Token Holder Rewards & Benefits

1) Future Model

We’ll do our very best to have the AUN token classified as a security token within the next 5 months (end of November 2019). Upon approval, ALL profits will be shared among all token holders based on their holdings. A smart contract will handle the distribution and provide full transparency over the revenue.

Monthly Profits / Circulating Supply * AUN Holdings = Individual Monthly Dividents

*DISCLAIMER: Please note that – at this point in time – the AUN token does not represent an ownership or share in ANY public or private corporation, or other entity in any jurisdiction.

2) Interim Model

In the meantime we recognize the need for a different benefit for token holders. Therefore, with the first revenue, Authoreon will transfer 10% of the proceeds into a reserve fund, that will serve to buy back AUN tokens - after the approval as a security token. This will result in a scarcity of supply and hence drive up the demand which is bound to reflect in price appreciation of each token. For now, the reserve fund will collect FIAT only and will be overseen by a notary (TBA), who will publish a monthly financial report and proof of deposit. The detailed modalities and timeline of the Buyback will be discussed with the community shortly.

Monthly Revenue * 0.10 => Reserve Fund

*DISCLAIMER: Please note that – at this point in time – the AUN token does not represent an ownership or share in ANY public or private corporation, or other entity in any jurisdiction.

Business Model

With its marketplace Authoreon will implement a modular SaaS/dAaaS subscription model. Users pay e.g. $0.20 - $3 per month per dApp - depending on the product or use case, and until they cancel their subscription for this particular dApp.

1) Closed Marketplace

Authoreon will offer its 30+ products on its very own marketplace, which is accessible through the Web and Mobile Apps. Since all products are based on the A-ID and a basic free membership, the products are comparable to In-App-Purchases, where users can choose and unlock additional paid features. Depending on the nature of the products or use cases, these are charged as one-time or recurring payments.

2) Open Marketplace

After Authoreon has released a majority of its very own products, the marketplace will be opened to the public, allowing enterprises, startups and individual developers to develop and publish applications via Code Management System (CMS) based on the A-ID, and offer them to their customers globally. Authoreon will charge a commission on fees imposed by the respective publishers. These can include application or component download fees, one-time in-app purchases and recurring application subscription fees.

3) Forms of Payment

Authoreon wants to eliminate unnecessary barriers to entry, while still providing market support for the Authoreon Token. Therefore, as soon as a substantial daily volume & liquidity is reached, the conversion to Authoreon tokens will run as a background process - making the platform currency agnostic and enabling consumers to use major Fiat and Cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. Until then customers will have to own AUN to access and interact with the platform (transaction fees, “Gas”), but subscriptions will have to be paid in FIAT.


Authoreon has designed a token economics model - within the given legal and regulatory framework - to ensure efficient token circulation across all stakeholders within the ecosystem, as well as to provide a real value to stakeholders as soon as possible. Providing value, managing token velocity, frictionless onboarding and maintaining demand are key design considerations throughout the entire process.


Total supply: 90.000.000 AUN


33,33% Public: 30.000.000 AUN
Crowdsale: 28.625.000 AUN
Airdrop Pool: 1.375.000 AUN


33,33% Participation: 30.000.000 AUN
Bounty Pool: 20.000.000 AUN
Mining Pool: 10.000.000 AUN


33,33% Team: 30.000.000 AUN

55,55% in circulation
11,11% reserved for mining
33,33% held by team


If you don’t see your AUN tokens in your wallet, please click on “Add custom token” and enter the following values:


Address: 0x5b7093fe2491dfb058c94bcd62a1cd4d822f884c


Symbol: AUN


Decimal: 18


We recommend using a hardware wallet such as the Ledger Nano S or the Trezor Wallet.

Crowdsale has ended

Thank you very much for your support!
Token Sale Duration: August 2017 - December 2017
Funds Raised: $1.5m
Initial AUN Price: $0.15

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