Chris Heinze

Blockchain Architect
CEO & Co-Founder


Chris has more than 14 years experience in Web Development and E-Commerce applications for mid- to large-sized businesses. He co-founded several startups (funded by Angel investors and VCs). Since 2014 his main passion is the Blockchain with all its applications and possibilities. Bugged by all the security issues, password breaches and internet fraud, he decided to tackle these problems by decentralizing authorization and authentication in an innovative and secure blockchain ecosystem.

Ali Zain

Blockchain developer
& Co-Founder


Ali has more than 6 years experience in Full-Stack application development. He is an expert in blockchain, cryptocurrency & ICO development. He also co-founded Ideofuzion.

Ajay Dhande

Full Stack Developer
& Co-Founder


Ajay is a Full Stack Developer and an IT professional with more than 23 years experience in the IT Industry – including working in EZ Data INC., USA for 4 years, with TCS, INDIA for 3 years, carrying out his own family business of teaching computer languages like C, C++, and he has successfully delivered more than 80 projects in Ruby on Rails. Born and raised in Nagpur, Central India, he did his Masters of Science (Computers) from Bond University, Australia. Before that he graduated as an Engineer (Electronics) from YCCE, College, Nagpur, INDIA. Ajay likes to go on trekking or on a long drive in his free time and he enjoys the company of his children.

Mohit Mali

Backend Developer
& Co-Founder


Mohit is a Full Stack Backend Developer with more than 5 years experience in Javascript (Node.js), Ruby and Python, as well as in general Mobile & Web application development.

Md Nasiruddin

Application Developer
& Co-Founder


Md studied Information Technology at West Bengal University of Technology and has more than 6 years experience in application development with extensive skills in Python, Django, Blockchain, NLP, machine learning & AI. Apart from learning new technologies, he likes to play video games & any kind of sports.

Mi XiaoLi

Frontend & Mobile App Developer
& Co-Founder


Mi is a web and mobile developer with more than 10 years experience in PHP full-stack frameworks like Laravel, CakePHP, Yii, CodeIgniter, Smarty, Symfony, JSP, and Ruby on Rails, as well as in Java, Objective-C, Swift, Android Studio, Phonegap, Xamarin, Ionic, XCode, Unity3d, Cocos2d-x, and API Web Services. He developed numerous mobile apps for a variety of use cases such as social apps, image & video processing apps and messengers.


Atif Zahid

Blockchain & Smart Contract Advisor
Cryptocurrency eCommerce toolkit
Founder at

Mateusz Warcholinski

Technical Advisor
Remote JavaScript Development
COO at

Terry Seal

Marketing & Branding Advisor
Go To Market
Founder at

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