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Counterfeit goods are a huge drain on the economy, they damage the brands’ reputation, and – in the worst case – fake products can be a massive threat to people’s lives. By 2022, fake products are expected to exceed 4.2 trillion dollars in damage to the global economy, as well as to put more than 5 million jobs at risk.
Protect your brand by making sure your products are trackable and verifiable through all stages of the supply- and ownership chain. Authoreon helps you fight counterfeits, reduce grey- and black-market sales and track down unauthorized retailers.

We’ll show you how:

  • Authoreon will save you money through an efficient brand protection
  • your products are defined and verified as originals
  • you selectively and efficiently authorize your retail
  • how your products are trackable through the supply-/ownership chain
  • you gain valuable insights on how your brand performs globally
  • you gain valuable insights on what loopholes need to be fixed

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