Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check my AUN Tokens?


1) Quick Check:
Visit EtherScan and paste your wallet address into the search bar.
On the results page, please click on “View Tokens”.
Here your AUN tokens should be listed.


2) Within your wallet
If you don’t see your AUN tokens in your wallet, please click on “Add custom token” and enter the following values:

  • Address: 0x5b7093fe2491dfb058c94bcd62a1cd4d822f884c
  • Symbol: AUN
  • Decimal: 18


3) Authoreon Wallet
We’re currently building your Authoreon wallet, which will be available in february.

How can I stay up-to-date?


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I didn’t see an answer to my question.


Please send a request to or through our contact form.


Is the AUN token tradable on exchanges?


Yes, AUN is currently listed on the following exchanges:

More coming soon!

What is the difference between the AUTH and the AUN token?


Please see all details on the AUN token here.

What is the official AUN contract address?

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