Authoreon AUTH Airdrop

Participate in our airdrop campaign and get the chance to win free AUTH Coins

Make sure to follow the instructions before entering into the airdrop campaign.

AUTH Tokens will be delivered after the crowdsale has ended december 31st.

How it works

Tweet/retweet/post/share/comment about Authoreon
– in any BitcoinTalk Thread
– in any ICO/Crypto related Telegram channels (please send details of your engagement directly to
– on Twitter/Facebook/Google+/Youtube/Reddit/Linkedin
– in Facebook ICO/Crypto Groups
– on other related Blogs/Forums


If applicable (Twitter/Facebook) please use ALL of the following hashtags:
#Authoreon #ICO #InitialCoinOffering


and ONE of the following:
#Authoreon #Crowdsale #ICO #cybersecurity #Cryptocurrency #Ethereum #Eth #Blockchain #authorization #authentication #verification #certification


You can join the bounty AND the airdrop campaign – as long as you try something new. If you only comment a tweet with “good”, it’s unlikely you will win an airdrop. Try something new, post somewhere where you have never posted before – e.g. a new blog/forum/thread/facebook groups etc.
This will increase your chances significally.


If you use Twitter/Facebook/Linkedin

  • your account must be at least 3 months old
  • you must have at least 80 followers/friends/connections
  • You must be following Authoreon


We’re giving away 500 airdrops.
With your posts or shares you get the chance to win up to 10,000 AUTH tokens.


Airdrops AUTH Total
50x 10,000 500,000
75x 5,000 275,000
100x 3,000 300,000
125x 1,000 125,000
150x 500 125,000
500 1,375,000

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